How Well Do You Know Your Stockings?

RHT Stockings

5 Main RHT Styles

Like many people I thought that the world of stockings was a simple one. How wrong I was; I found that many of my clients actually knew more about stockings than I did! In the process of understanding the fetish and all its aspects, there’s a whole world of complexity out there.

FFNs & RHTs – Know The Difference?

So what’s the basic difference? – Any guesses?

So, the main difference is that FFNs (Fully Fashioned Nylons) don’t have any seam as they are knitted on a circular sewing machine, whereas RHTs (Reinforced Heel and Toe) are what for many are the sexiest types of stockings, with their distinctive seams.

I have to confess, that it wasn’t until I started speaking to a good friend of mine, Noa, who loves vintage stockings that I realized that RHTs also have at least 5 styles which you can see in the image below…

These tiny details are missed by many but loved by any fetishist. I would love to know what you favourite style is…..let me know in the comments box below and maybe I’ll wear some just for you in one of my next photo shoots!

Stockings, Pantyhose & Tights

Prior to the 1940’s stockings were made of silk or rayon and then came pantyhose, which first appeared in the 1960’s as an alternative to nylon stockings. They were marketed as being more attractive in appearance, hid more imperfections, reduced panty line and eased the friction between the thighs and feet and heels.

The main feature though was that there were not any suspenders and they were self supporting up to the waist.

However, depending on where you come from, particularly the US or the UK. The difference between the two is made slighty more complicated as in the US, what are called pantyhose is referred to as tights in the UK, which is the US means ‘opaques’

To make it even more confusing, you’ll find some Americans see pantyhose as stockings as similar things (you can even see this on some Instagram accounts) and as as a further twist, the US refers to holdups as thigh-highs and suspenders as garter belts!  I’ve also included below some of the equivalents and differences in other languages:

Stockings (Translations)

Pantyhose(US)/Tights(UK)/Collants(France)/Collant(Italy)/ Strumpfhose(Germany)

Pantyhose (Translations)


The Art of Putting On (& Taking Off) Stockings

Like me, most stocking lovers have often wrestled with putting on stockings and for some inexplicable reason, you always seem to ladder the most expensive pair on the most important occasions.

Over the centuries, women and fetish lovers have realized that that practicalities of putting on and taking off stockings can be a sensuous act and even an art form. Any burlesque performer would agree with you here. If done well, you’ll capture the heart of your lover or your audience and have them spell bound before you’ve even started.  Here’s a modern take in a retro style that I think you’ll love…..

….and of course, if you really want to impress… have to know how to take them off too…..

The Top 10 Stocking Wearing Countries

As a French woman….with a British heart, I always thought that the UK and France would be the countries where stockings were most worn. Well, I was only partly right, and quite shocked too.  The results are in:

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Sweden
  6. Germany
  7. Norway
  8. France (shock, horror – OMG!)
  9. Ireland
  10. Singapore…..and for my Swiss clients….Voila! at No 18 is Switzerland

I’m not surprised in some ways as my UK clients are true feet, heels and stockings fetishists, but the French and Swiss positions are very surprising as they love their stockings just as much.

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