BDSM – What Makes A Good Slave?

Line of Slaves & Mistress

It’s Not What You Think

Source: Photographer, Steve Klein

Where Slaves Go Wrong

Many newbies or even seasoned slaves seem to think that what a Mistress wants is a fully compliant, powerless person who is willing to kneel before you and prostrate themselves at any cost….not even look you in the eye or speak until spoken to..

There are times when I demand and expect it, but I also want a client with personality, a sense of humour who is polite and a real gentleman…..and more importantly that the slave understands the difference between the two and when I expect it. I don’t want a pathetic walk over, I want to have a proper dialogue and some fun….only if I allow it. I’m also not looking for a best friend either! It’s really very simple….the dungeon should be a place to express yourself, be yourself, have fun…..but always remember to do what I say

It’s Very Easy – Just Be Yourself

Even though this seems simple, there are many slaves who just don’t get it!

The best rule I think to follow is just be yourself and don’t let dungeon behavior be influenced by fantasy or fiction. I like a good conversation, but equally I like a challenge, with real emotion and intelligence. So what do I really look for in a slave?

Conversation would for a start, not be just about BDSM or even saving the world, but good straight forward discussion. I like to know what makes you tick, how creative you are, give me feedback during a session so that we can explore and you can push yourselves.

Honesty……seems easy, but so many slaves tell me what they think I want to hear, or what they think they should do or sometimes embarrassed to tell me about what fetishes they like. Well I’ll let you into a secret….I think I’ve heard nearly everything, so my dungeon should be a place where you can explore and talk about your hidden fantasies because if you don’t tell me you’ll only experience a fraction of what might be otherwise open to you.

When you’re in my dungeon, use the time there as an adventure… discover yourself and hidden parts of it or to express yourself in way that you can’t anywhere else and take the time to try new things, new sensations and enjoy and savour every moment of it.

The other thing to remember is this…..I will get it out of you anyway (hihi)….I have my means, so just tell me anyway. I’ve heard just about every fetish, every fantasy and seen every shape and size of most things. More honesty = better BDSM experience….it’s that simple!

The more basic things are also where many slaves fail……things like speaking appropriately to your mistress, turning up on time or even being clean (so sad I have to remind slaves of this!).

Lastly, communications…..this if for the men…..please don’t send d**k images to me….it doesn’t do anything for me, they’re definitively not sexy and it’s a one way ticket to being banished from my dungeon….and yes, I won’t respond!

This sounds like a lot, but really a good slave just needs to be themselves….honest, polite, self-confident and have a sense of humour, with a touch of adventure……and do take the time to read about me before calling…..otherwise you could be off to a bad start!

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