Foot Fetishism – It’s A Brain Thing!

What is it about feet that drives many of us (mainly men) to the point of distraction?

As a professional dominatrix I’ve always been fascinated by many of my male clients’ love and obsession for feet, particularly when there is the added excitement of stockings (particularly nylons ☺) and heels.  It wasn’t until I came across an image created by Emily Nagoski, a self proclaimed ‘sex nerd’ that things started to make sense…….

Emily created the graphic above to show that the part of the brain that processes sensory (touch) information about feet and genitalia are very, very close to each other, so whilst you feet are nowhere near each other, your brain thinks they are!

Without being too much of a geek, when many people get sexually aroused, this causes the foot part of the brain to be stimulated, so all of a sudden there is a direct link (in your brain) between feet and sex…it’s literally like getting your wires crossed.

This is most common in men apparently and the feelings created by feet are almost the same as those for sex.

So, for many men Feet/Heels/Stocking/Pantyhose = Sex

Women’s Thoughts On Foot Worship – The Results Are In!

Channel 4 recently undertook a sex survey of the UK’s biggest fetishes which included over 2,000 adults and in particular the feedback from 406 women on the subject of feet and foot fetishism.  The results may be a bitter disappointment for foot fetishists out there:

Have Not Tried Foot Worship – But Would Like To: 3.7%

Have Not Tried Foot Worship – & Would NOT Like To: 80.3%

Have Tried Foot Worship – & Would Try Again: 10.6%

Have Tried Foot Worship – & Would NOT Try Again: 5.4%

Devastating news for those men who have a foot fetish, but encouragingly 2/3rds of women who did try it, would do it again…..there’s hope for everyone!

For those of you that missed the Channel 4 clip on foot fetishism, click on the video below for a brief insight into the world of foot fetishism:


Louboutins – Ecstasy for Foot Fetishists

Loubs, Loubous….whatever you call them…. it doesn’t get better than this in the world of shoes.  If you really want to impress your mistress and win her heart, then think seriously about these babies.  It’s one area when the foot fetishist and heel lover are a match made in heaven.  Slaves and women alike go wild to see their favourite footwear, particularly the famous red soles being seen on an elegant pair of feet.

Louboutins look is partly ‘La Revolution’ and partly fantasy and each pair has it’s unique element of both combined with a sense of fun and humour.  Louboutin is quoted as saying “Really good taste, you have to forget about it.  We have a phrase in French, le petit quelque chose qui fout tout par terre (the little things that fuck everything up)”

They tread the line between good taste and being totally outrageous, which as a professional dominatrix, provides a touch of fantasy to all my foot fetish clients.

The Obsession Isn’t Just For Men

It is fascinating to know that many women rarely wear the shoes they love.  Many of us covet them like a work of art, to be looked at and even occasionally touched…..but very rarely worn!

For many women, the very thought of shoe shopping gets the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping, which by the time you reach the shoe department of your favourite store, you’re feeling the full rush of a load of feel good endorphins.

Many women see shoes as an extension of the body and which expresses a lot about their attitude, aesthetics, social status and sexuality according to Dr Valerie Steele of New York’s Fashion Institute…whereas for men as mentioned above see feet and heels as an erotic experience.

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