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Taking Your First Steps

So you’ve decided you want to explore anal play but don’t know where to start…well a good place is butt plugs.   Maybe it’s part of a D/s relationship or part of the dynamic with your mistress, or perhaps you’re just plain curious.  Either way you have to start somewhere!

I find that many of my clients have never experimented because of the taboos about anal penetration.  Yes, religion still dominates societies thinking, even if we don’t consider ourselves religious.  Other clients are simply curious and want to discover the pleasures of anal penetration and perhaps to discover the elusive male G-spot.  For those men that don’t believe they have a G-spot, I’m here to tell you that you definitely do have one…..just don’t be shy about trying to find it!
Being anally penetrated is a very intimate experience and for many men and women it definitely takes you into a submissive state of mind and not to mention, for some it adds a level of humiliation.

Apart from real size queens, the secret to enjoying anal play, like most of the good things in life….is to take things very slowly and build up to a level that is comfortable for you but also maximizes the exquisite sensations that only anal penetration can bring.

Being uncomfortable is one thing, but pain is another!  Discomfort is often just the right side of pleasure but anal pain…..you don’t want to go there….for many reasons.

Stretching Out

Many people ask, how long will it be to be able to take ‘x’ inch diameter plug/dildo or even a fist?

Firstly, it is not a race   The process of stretching out for larger toys as part of anal play is a very personal one.  Various blogs and forums will say that people have managed to stretch out from ‘a to b’ in only ‘x months’.  The reality is that for most people into anal play the process of stretching out, particularly to takea fist may take years.  Not fast, but an immensely pleasurable journey and of course a safe one too!

At the end of the day, the anal sphincter is a essentially a muscle so to stretch it out and basically train it, you need to keep it under tension as much as possible so that over time you start to open.

Some of the best anal stretching rings you can get are the ones made by MEO which allows you to very gradually build up over time, stretching up only when your current ring is very comfortable.  The diameters range from 40mm to 95mm, so there’s something for everyone.  These rings are really for the next steps, only after you’ve got used to smaller diameter plugs.

Source: 5-inch-and-more

Also, it doesn’t just have to be about stretching for the sake of it; it might be as a warm up for anal sex, which can transform your perception of anal penetration which then makes the whole experience totally one of pleasure and certainly no pain.  The mistake that many people make and what puts most people off anal sex, is that the act of penetration is not preceded with any type of warm up.  Most of the people I have spoken to as a Dominatrix and who say they don’t like anal sex because it is painful, is usually down to the this reason alone.

Buttplugging For The Beginner

The easiest buttplugs to start with are tapered ones, so you slowly allow the sphincter to stretch.  The materials you choose for your first plug, particularly for a pleasurable first experience as a beginner, is important;  otherwise like many you may never return to explore the devine pleasures that anal play brings.
The main materials are to select from most sex toy stores/sites are :

• Rubber
• Silicon
• Latex
• Steel/Metal
• Glass/Plastic

In my experience, the best butt plugs for beginners are the softer materials like rubber, silicon and latex, as they are pliable and forgiving, exactly what you need if you are just starting out.

The process of insertion should be slow and the choice of lube is important (remember – don’t use silicon lube on silicon toys).  My professional lube of choice (I hardly use any others now) is PJUR, especially PJUR Back Door anal lube which is amazing because is relaxes even the most inexperienced person for easy and relaxed anal play.  Some clients have even said it is better than poppers!  It’s non allergenic and doesn’t irritate (like some water based lubes), it’s made from natural products (Jojoba) and you only need a tiny amount for long lasting play.

So you’re ready to play……right size buttplug, right lube.  Take it slowly and take it easy and most of all don’t rush things.  Keep the first session to between five and twenty minutes and don’t over-do things.

Just remember men……don’t give up……your G-Spot awaits you……yes,  you heard it here……you do have one….and anal play is the way to find it

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