About Me & Kink Your Life

I am the Pro Domme Marquis de Sade of your body…
I am the Jean Paul Sartre of your mind…
I am the Victor Hugo of your soul…
And I am the English Lion of my Dungeon

As a Professional Dominatrix, I love everything about kink…it’s my life and I want you to share my love of kink…….and that’s what Kink Your Life is about…..my loves and my life.

Kink Your Life loves everything about Kink & Fetish….yes everything! (well almost)

It is a channel dedicated to to bringing you the best content from the world of kink to entertain, excite, educate, stimulate debate and cover the latest events in the fetish and BDSM scene. Most of all, we want to love what we do and for you to love following us. You’ll find us irreverent, challenging, audacious and bold….delivered in our own unique way with a certain je ne sais quoi as you would expect from Nikky French!

Kink Your Life will be sharing our adventure into discovering BDSM lifestyle, psychology and desires of the people who love kink, both beginners and professionals alike. We don’t have any boundaries for where we may journey with you. Our content will be driven by our own loves, passions and interests….and just as importantly by the community we love. If you would like to share a blog or even write one, want to promote an event or tell us about breaking news, we would love to hear from you.

Merci, Nikky French