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Mistress Nikky French

The Thrill & The Power of Findom

Of course I love money…who doesn’t! The biggest rush I get in life, far more than money or what it can buy; even Louboutins (hi hi ), is the power, control and mastery of men on a physical, mental, spiritual and yes, even a financial level. I love what I do because most of all it allows me to be the alpha female I was born to be and always have been.

My clients come in all shapes and sizes, colours and cultures but the common thread that runs through them all is a deep desire that goes to the core of who they are; to relinquish and transfer all power to a professional Dominatrix. The thrill of the submissive is allowing and more importantly to transfer that control in put it in my hands …..the Smiling Sadist! It creates an endorphin rush of hormones that is inexplicable to some but creates exquisite pleasure for my slaves. This rush can come from physical (pain or restraint), mental and physical denial (tease, chastity) and of course financial (control of finances).

In each scenario that I create, the real rush for my Findom clients is that of power transfer or exchange. For my slaves, the release from this power transfer is an erotic act of submission in itself. They are giving what makes them the person they are and all that they stand for and the act of transferring this power and dominion over them, to their mistress creates a euphoric rush that nothing else can compare with.

Financial Domination

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It’s not everyone’s kink, but neither is corporal punishment (physical submission) or chastity (physical & mental submission). I don’t judge my clients, but rather I love developing a bond with them that allows them to express their kinks whatever they are without fear or embarrassment and to allow them to be the person they want to be.  I love my clients and all their kinks; I feel privileged that they have the confidence in their Mistress to keep their secrets safe and to explore this in our meetings together.

Findom Ethics – Yes They Do Exist!!

In the same way I respect my client’s physical boundaries (you all know my safe word!) I also have to understand my Findom client’s financial ones. I will never consider Findom with those clients who can’t afford it or if I think what they are doing would compromise their health, careers or family. Outside of this, I will take control of their finances and push them and control them as far as they want! I’m an expensive Mistress to keep, to spoil, to love and to spend time with, something that my Findom clients appreciate. They love their fast cars and Ferraris and they love their Mistress in the same way….and show it by spoiling and indulging me! I have expensive tastes and I make sure my slaves know what they are…..

Findom Psychology

Men across the world, in all the places I work, enjoy being under the control of a financial dominatrix or ‘Findom’. My Findom slaves are not ‘sugar daddies’ who just want to shower me with expensive gifts in return for a sexual pay-off. (I just won’t go there!) but for most of my clients, they don’t even meet the Goddess they worship…they just want to be my ‘paypig’ and spoil the Mistress they adore…c’est moi!!

Some slaves will sacrifice their holidays, eating out and only leave enough to pay the bills…the rest comes to me. I am their Goddess, their indulgence, their love and their wonderful obsession….

You Don’t Have to be Rich to Be My Paypig!

Being a paypig is relative to the person giving, which is unique to the financial circumstances and lifestyle of the slave concerned. For example I have paypig/students who tribute their Mistress £30 a week, which has the same level of sacrifice of a millionaire who gives me £30,000 a year. Both are important, both are paypigs, but as Pro Domme I recognize that the sacrifice and love of their Mistress is equal in every measure…..and I love them equally

My clients pay to indulge their paypig urges using I Want Clips, Amazon Gift Cards or some simply make payments straight into my bank! Many of my Findom clients don’t even want to see me in person as this would, to some of my slaves appear to make me less powerful.

Financial Domination

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The cities that I work in are flowing with the rewards of being highly commercial and profitable global banking markets, so my Findom services are becoming more sought after. No one knows how to take control of your finances like me. Once you’ve given yourself to me, I will become your life…..and your addiction, more thrilling than gambling and more erotic than sex… style of Findom is like nothing you’ve experienced before….I dare you to try!

Bisou, Nikky French x

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