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No More Tears & Tantrums


Like me, you’re probably seduced by the look and the sheer, sultry sexiness of the classic latex catsuit and instantly reminded of the sleek elegant lines of characters like Catwoman. I have to confess, that I’ve always loved the fantasy and sensuous feeling of latex, but the reality of both wearing it and getting on…..well it’s something else

There are times when I have felt like declaring war on latex. The air has turned blue and at times, anywhere within three metres of me has been a no go zone! If’ you’ve ever tried putting on latex it can be a complete nightmare and then just to add the finishing touch, you end up tearing your favourite outfit……I’ve had many causalities over the last few years and I’ve kept some of my outfits in the hope that one day I might be able to repair them.

Hear are the options, I’ll let you decide on what you think is best……

Techniques & Tips For Putting On & Wearing Latex


So…technique number one. Have you got your gas mask (yes your heard it correctly! – need to avoid breathing in chlorine gas ), heavy duty rubber gloves, hydrochloric acid (mind you don’t burn a hole through your hands now) and bleach. So, no visit to the hospital yet?…Well it’s dangerous, fiddly and apart from that it’s an OK process.

Once you’ve avoided death and injury, you have a latex outfit that is as smooth as silk and easy to put on….BUT…’ve now changed the molecular structure and as a result it weakens the structure of the latex and is hard to shine. For all of those real latex lovers who love the sound that latex makes: well, it disappears. Oh, and by the way, only do this on new garments and older latex year may disintegrate.

Apart from that it’s a really great way to put on latex but you might find your favourite latex gear doesn’t last that long.

The video below shows some of the dangers and process for the chlorination process and preparing your latex garment for wear:

Source: Nason Tackett

Silicon Lube

Traditional silicon lubes are definitely easier to use and definitely gets round some of the dangers of chlorination, but it also presents some different challenges. Firstly, not all silicon lubes are created equally. Without doing your research, I know many latex lovers that have found that while the silicon makes getting your favourite outfit on really easy, they then discover that some silicones actually start eating the latex, unless it’s latex safe of course.

If you know your lubes well though and there are some really good ones out there.  They’re easy to find and fairly cheap, but there are some further challenges ahead! Many silicon lubes often become very sticky and start drying out after about an hour and you find that the latex can start sticking to itself and to your skin.

Removing your latex can then often involve having to jump in the shower to help unstick the latex. It’s definitely easier and has more benefits from chlorination but its far from perfect.

Baby Powder

Baby powder. It’s the original way of helping to get your latex or rubber outfit on. It’s great for absorbing moisture and amazing for storing and keeping your latex in good condition if you’re not wearing it for a while….but…’ll quickly discover that using baby powder not only involves lubricating your latex, but also decorating your floor, your furniture and anything else in close proximity to you!

The other downside is that the baby powder dulls the shine and if you get hot and sweaty (that’s inevitable with latex) you will often have to deal with white marks over your outfit.

It’s certainly cheap and it’s still used by tons of people who love latex. The video below shows Carrie LaChance using the baby powder technique to good effect.

Source: Carrie LaChance

There’s A New Show In Town

I was recently approached by PJUR to review a couple of products for them. They were PJUR Cult which is a dressing aid and PJUR Ultra Shine which was for buffing up and shining your latex ready to go out in.

I must admit that at first I was a little skeptical, having tried both the silicon lube and baby powder approaches already and to be honest, I thought that this would be just another product that did basically the same thing.

Well I have to confess, I was wrong!

The geeks at PJUR have invented a product called CULT which has been designed as a dressing aid to overcome all the downsides of the old techniques that I’ve explained above and also offer all the benefits of them….and more. I have to say that having tried the product, I’m completely addicted to it. It isn’t the cheapest product to buy and it also comes in a fairly small bottle, but OMG it transforms the whole experience of wearing latex. I just love it.

No more stickiness, mess, problems with latex compatibility, it doesn’t dry out and just a small amount will last a whole evening, even if you’re playing hard! On top of that it’s made from natural products, is allergy friendly and is just a complete joy to use and put your latex on.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Ultra Shine just adds the final touch of magic. The shine that you get couldn’t get any better and just finishes your outfit off.

Would I recommend these products….yes… a heartbeat. I’ve already said goodbye to my baby powder and silicone lubes….watch my review below on the two products. Hope you like it!

Source: Kink Your Life

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