The Lust for Louboutins

Louboutins Fetish

A Weakness for Red!

Louboutins corrupt the powerful, tempt the faithful and fires the passions of the most ordinary and vanilla of us.  It creates a desire in the hearts and sets the pulse racing in both men and women…a rare thing indeed. Perhaps its because the Louboutins are a simultaneously a symbol of power, dominance, confidence, wealth, style, desire, passion and above all, they just scream sex! These fabulous shoes can paradoxically make you feel sophisticated and classy yet feel like a slut when it suits you; perhaps it’s also because they bridge that fragile bridge between being totally outrageous and being the ultimate symbol of sophistication?

Louboutins Fetish
Fetish: David Lynch & Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin was recently quoted as saying:

“A while ago, I saw this woman arriving in my store in Paris. She was very elegant, very delicate,” he says, folding his hands in his lap and sitting upright to demonstrate her prim posture. “She put on the Pigalle” — a patent-leather pump that most buyers prefer in black with a 5-in. heel. “She walked around and said, ‘It feels great. I look like a slut! I feel like a slut!’” A few hours later, another woman — short skirt, spilling cleavage — picked up the same shoe. “But she said, ‘Oh! I look so chic, so elegant!’”

Louboutin then summed up this paradox that all of us Louboutin lovers know so well in this tale of two shoppers, what happens between the ears is as important as what happens below the ankles.

“Shoes,” Louboutin said, “are a mirror of what you want, what you are or what you’re missing.”

Rarely has a single item of clothing represented so many things to so many people; there is one common thread though… creates emotion for all that it stands for. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never be short of attention if you are wearing them…no matter what you’re wearing!

Say My Name, Say My Name!

What is it with us Frenchies?….the whole world has problem with saying French words properly…..this video picks up one fashionista that gets it wrong again! So now you know how to say the sacred word properly……no excuse for the English loubou’tins’… way to get a proper spanking from me!! (hi hi)

Louboutins – An Art Form

Very few shoes inspire and bridge the gap between the fashion and art worlds, but Louboutin is one of them. In recent years filmmaker David Lynch and shoe designer Christian Louboutin collaborated to produce a fabulous collection of erotic photography; it took the shoes to an almost sculptural level, which accentuated the eroticism of the shoe and took this to extremes, with a sado masochistic aspect to them with the women bound into the shoes.

I can only say that as a Professional Dominatrix, I understand this predicament having suffered the sweet torture of wearing Louboutins for my clients but also for the power and dominance it brings within my sessions; it is very true to say that there needs to be a sadomasochistic aspect to wearing them. Such is the love of wearing them and being seen in them, combined with the empowerment it gives me, the pain of wearing them is worth every moment of discomfort.

Louboutin Fetish
Fetish: David Lynch & Christian Louboutin

The Power of Seeing Red

Christian Louboutin once said:

“The core of my work is dedicated, not to pleasing women, but to pleasing men. Men are like bulls – they cannot resist the red sole!”

He went on to explain that he decided to paint the soles red to create something that men notice and in doing so made men to take notice, a signal that all men would know that red meant, sexy, provocative and expensive and something that would create an addiction in the male brain as much as it did for the women wearing them.

It’s something I’ve noticed on my own work; nothing stirs the passions of the foot fetish client like wearing a pair of red soles! As a foot fetishist, nothing is more erotic to them than seeing me in stockings and heels, but the sight of my red soles is something that I am very aware of and I use my Louboutins to psychologically dominate my clients; allowing them to lick my red soles and suck on my heels is almost overwhelming for some….and for some sessions, let’s just say, they don’t last as long as my client was expecting! It can only be my Louboutins; no other shoes that I wear, not matter how big the heel and how high they are has quite the same effect (hi hi).

Strangely, in my work, Louboutins aren’t just an indulgence, they’re more like an investment, which attracts new clients and helps creates an electrically charged atmosphere in the dungeon…as much as any of my other BDSM equipment!

The Price of Comfort!

Comfort for Louboutin is like being in a bad relationship! If you want to look good and you want to look beautiful, he believes there is a price to pay…..PAIN!! I can only say, I agree with him. While Louboutins look amazing and make you feel a million dollars, comfort is definitely not something that you consider when you buy a pair….certainly not for me!

Louboutin also explained the psychology of a woman buying shoes:

“When a woman buys a pair of shoes, she never looks at the shoe. She stands up and looks in the mirror, she looks at her breasts, the ass, from the front and from the side, blah, blah, blah. If she likes herself, then she considers her shoes!”

I must admit, that when I try a pair of Louboutins on for the first time, I think about how good they make me look, boost my confidence and empower me. A good pair of Louboutins have to represent who I am and my personality….I certainly have some fiery red in my character as those who know me, know all too well!!

Louboutin Fetish

High Heel Psychology

Valerie Steele of the Fashion Institute of Technology was recently quoted as saying:

“Sexual appeal (like wearing Louboutins) is power, because it is a way to get people to do what you want…..they are the prime symbol of erotic femininity”

She went on to explain that heels, especially Louboutins, inspire feelings of both vulnerability and of the heel as a weapon, something that Freud also recognized.

There is nothing like my Louboutins to bring the most alpha males of my clients under my control and my red heels crush any suggestion of disobedience…..they almost magnify and enhance my dominance. I think that potentially my Loubs are the most complete BDSM weapon I have; they trigger emotional and erotic responses that simply no other tool or piece of dungeon furniture can do.

Louboutin Lifestyle – DIY!

Anyone who’s bought a pair of Loubs will tell you that the first time you wear them is also the most stressful….as you perfect red bottoms are subjected to the harshness of walking on hard surfaces…and the horror of seeing your bestest shoes having their red soles scratched…..OMG! Many of us Louboutin lovers only keep some for the house and even just for the bedroom!…but for everyday Loubs, you have to learn some DIY to keep those soles in perfect condition…

Can You Ever Own Enough Loubs?

Diane von Furstenberg once said, in describing her relationship with her 400 pairs of shoes:

“The shoes in your closet are like friends. You have old friends, new friends, friends you forget about and friends you neglect.”

I love this quote and to me it sums up the relationship that I have (like many women) with their shoes. Shoes can make you and they can break you. Wear the right pair with the right outfits and they can literally build your business, something that’s true for me….but they can also break you…..but with Louboutins you will never go wrong!

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