Dick Pics – WTF – Why Do Guys Do It?

Dick Pics – Guys Just Don’t Get It

What possess men to think that women like dick pics? Well for a start, there is definitely some altered state in the male brain that doesn’t get it. I would have thought that if a man was trying to impress me, he would certainly speak to a mistress in an appropriate manner (see my How To Speak To a Mistress Blog – coming soon). However, many would be male admirers think it appropriate that they can cut out the pleasantries and cut straight to the dick pic!

What do guys think I’m going to do when then send me their finest? Do they honestly think that I’m going to get hot under the collar and send a shitload of emojis showing my excitement at seeing a veiny dick in HD pop up on my iPhone screen? WTF!

I am finding that I am getting increasing amounts of dick pictures. I really don’t think that the male brain really engages itself. One things for sure….send me a dick pic and you’ll never see or hear from me again!

Some guys think (or rather don’t think) that I’m somehow going to be whooping with delight if I get some random image of their dick. What do they expect me to think? Thanks for the introduction, I can’t wait to meet you?! Then, when I thought things couldn’t get worse, they seem hurt and surprised when I don’t respond and say things like ‘Well didn’t hear from you, I guess you aren’t impressed?’

Well….I’m not….grrrrr

The Difference Between Men & Women

As a professional dominatrix, I’ve observed a fairly basic difference between men and women when it comes to why, perhaps men think it somehow appropriate to send dick pics…..fairly unscientific but here’s my basic theory…..


When women are aroused by members of the opposite sex, it is mainly a brain thing. That is where the stimulation comes from; whereas the male of the species, in a more primitive fashion, thinks with his dick and disengages his brain. So basically, dick thinking makes total sense to a guy when he sends dick pics.

Some men…..they’ve barely crawled out of the swamp!

What Women Think of Dick Pics

The video below shows the typical reactions of several women when exposed (as I am monotonously) to dick pics…

Source: Wickydkwel

What Men Think of Dick Pics Sent to Women

When exposed to dick pics sent to women, these men were just as horrified…. (click on the ‘source’ link below)

Mens Reaction to Dick Pics

Source: Boldly

Dick Pic Revenge

Revenge is coming to a place for all those dick pic posters….there’s an app called DickPicLocator that can help identify those who have sent the images.  Name and shame is here already.  Watch out boys!

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