CBT – Just Remember I’m In Control!

CBT – The Pain, Pleasure, & Ecstasy

You may have heard that I’m a balls fetishist…..well it’s true and it’s one of the specialties of the laughing sadist….hihi

It is one of the most common fetishes from my clients and a fetish that has so many dimensions and for many men it delicious mix of pleasure, pain and ecstasy combined with the anticipation of the unknown.

The devices and techniques are really only bounded by the imagination. Boundaries and the dynamics of control can be taken as far as you want to be pushed. I love the control that it provides and gives me complete domination of a situation.

For many, this is a bit of a ‘Marmite’ fetish….you either love it or hate it, but all I would say is that you don’t know until at least you have dipped you toe in the water

As far as fetishes go, its not in the same league as spanking or foot fetishes, but it’s certainly more popular. On Fetlife the CBT membership is over 16,000 and the spanking group is over 55,000.

If you really want to get into CBT, there are classes and workshops all over the country, mainly in sex shops or dungeons and usually in the bigger cities. The best thing though is to reach out to the BDSM communities as a first step as there’s always help at hand.

Source: www.thekinkykingdom.com by Eve PSK


There is a whole ménage of devices like harnesses, cuffs, parachutes, cages, ball stretchers and even the humbler, plus of course chastity, which for some clients extends beyond pure play. All I would say that CBT is an exploration and in the process you will find your weapon of choice! There is a whole range of toys and devices available and it will always spice up any BDSM session. I will be covering the various devices in a future post as well as the techniques listed below


This can include wax play, spanking, ball busting, tie and tease, urethral play, e-stim. There is no best technique. As you get deeper into CBT many people find that what was once a ‘no-go’ area, the extremes of emotion and pleasure and pain may push their boundaries way beyond this point.

Psychology & Technique

It’s probably the most important dynamic of CBT play…maybe about 90% of it and what it in many respects unpredictable. Knowing when to play hard and when to play soft makes CBT a real mind bender for the recipient and you have to know when to switch from one to the other…..and only I know when….this will always be kept a secret for me and the dungeon. Hope to see you there!

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